Educa Jugando was born out of the imperative need to provide tools for children to be able to acquire knowledge. This educational project is an innovative initiative designed by Domingo Soto López, publicist, master in marketing and strategic communication, who from his experience in the municipal sector sees the need for effective educational projects that use innovation in education.

With a solid experience in project design, Soto has managed to create multiple products and services that approach learning in a playful and entertaining way. Their passion for enhancing children’s educational experience and commitment to excellence has set the standard for quality in the development of play-based programs.

This is how Educa Jugando manages to promote play as a tool for learning and acquiring new knowledge, encouraging intrinsic motivation, experimentation and discovery. The ultimate goal is to learn not only from traditional education, but also from the educational experience of entertainment.

At the heart of the project is the idea that children learn best when they are engaged and enjoy the learning process, and this is what soto has sought to emphasize with all the products offered, offering playful elements in educational activities specifically designed to address key learning objectives.

Our products

  • Road Safety Plaza
  • Games and Family
  • Sports and Health
  • 4 Seasons
  • Ecosustainable Plaza
  • On the road to Christmas
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