Road Safety Plaza

At Plaza Seguridad Vial, you will learn in a fun and interactive way how to be a responsible pedestrian. You will learn how to cross the street correctly, traffic signs, how useful our friend the traffic light is, the importance of the seat belt, among other things. Together with your friends, colleagues and family at Plaza Seguridad Vial, you will find an educational world.

Games and Family

A new family approach to the world of games and healthy living.
Our team is highly motivated by the world of games with a single objective: to introduce games into people’s lives as something positive, that encourages recreation and the integration of these activities as a healthy panorama for the whole family. For this, our idea is to reach every commune, so that people can see the benefits and precautions when children, young people and adults are confronted with this great world.

Sports and Health

Our main objective is to encourage physical exercise in the family in order to transmit good habits.
Regular physical exercise has countless benefits for the body. If you love the idea of doing physical activities with your loved ones, in Deporte y Salud we offer the keys to exercise with your family in a simple and fun way.


We offer mobile cinema with our LED screen truck.
We take our truck anywhere, set up with chairs and give away little goats. We play movies for children, youth, seniors, and for the whole family in general. We will make our audience feel like they are really at the movies.

4 Seasons

To pass the seasons of the year in a healthy, safe and fun way.
Educa Jugando has prepared different activities in which you will find educational talks, video games, movies, interactive games and other surprises. In 4 Seasons, you will enter a world where the weather will be more friendly and entertaining.

Ecosustainable Plaza

Our goal is to educate children as responsible and caring citizens with the environment that surrounds them.
Educa Jugando has prepared different activities in which you will find educational talks, interactive games, crafts, among other surprises. At Plaza Ecosustentable, you will enter a world of recycling, reusing and respecting nature.

On the road to Christmas

The purpose of En Camino a la Navidad is to provide entertainment for the little ones.
A different Christmas full of magic and promoting the Christmas spirit, all this through an impressive setting that will transport you to a magical world. For which we propose a park, where you will be able to move around the different stands, participating in activities such as: Karaoke, Christmas short films, inflatable games, among others.

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